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Male make-up advice for studs

Posted by MachosMag in Tips, Videos May 21, 2011 / 3475 views

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Did you know that make-up is not just for women? There are ways for a man to apply make-up and hide the fact that he is wearing it. If you can learn how to apply it in the most efficient and camouflaged way, your friends and family will be none the wiser.


There are actually quite a lot of men that use make-up for all kinds of reasons. In this detailed video you can learn about how to properly apply make-up and all of the required items for the process. You will actually need about eight different products to put on make-up properly, which includes an exfoliator, moisturizer, toner, cosmetic pads, concealer or foundation, a fine make-up brush, matte powder and lip balm.


There are around ten different steps that the video is going to take you through. Each one is important to ensure not only that you are applying the make-up correctly but also that you are taking good care of your skin. You definitely do not want to cause any damage to your skin. Once you have gone through this process several times on your own, you should be set for whenever you want to wear make-up in the future.


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