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Give stupendous oral sex (video)

Posted by MachosMag in Tips, Videos August 29, 2011 / 24452 views

Tags: sex, women

If you are like most men plodding through life, you have likely wished your spouse, girlfriend or occasional booty call girl knew how to give stupendous oral sex. Luckily, there are wonderful sex therapists, such as Jaiya, who also happens to be smoking hot and knows her way around a penis. If only every sex therapist was good looking. Ladies should take notes, especially on the part about loving your partner’s genitals. The more loving you are with your man’s shaft and balls, the more he will love you back, that is a fact.


This video gives a few important tips, including using anticipation to build the sexual tension. Sometimes simply looking lovingly at your man’s genitals can cause him to enjoy the experience even more. His anticipation will grow, along with his member, and he will be practically exploding at your first touch. Wait until you see Jaiya’s simulation of her stroking a penis a certain way, it will surely have you aroused and ready for some oral pleasure. The bottom line is that every man and woman deserve quality oral sex, and the one’s who can give the best, will definitely receive the best.


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