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Flirting 101

Posted by MachosMag in Tips, Videos June 21, 2011 / 3185 views

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There are all kinds of ways to flirt, but you definitely want to be careful about your strategies, as some flirting can be over the top and get you in hot water. Keep in mind that you not only want to go into any flirting situation with a positive attitude but also with extreme self-confidence. If you have a bad or negative attitude no woman or man is going to want to spend even a second around you. If you are lacking in self-confidence then most people will be turned off, because who likes a person that isn’t confident? You will need to bring your A game to give yourself a decent shot at having fun and not coming up empty handed when flirting.


Here are some key pointers from this helpful flirting video:


1.     Smile brightly. You never want to have a frown on your face or you will stand out in the wrong way.

2.      Say, “hello” and ask only open-ended questions. Avoid questions that can only be answered with a yes or no, and instead ask a question that requires a more detailed and varied response. “What do you think of the atmosphere at this bar” or “What other type of live music do you like to listen to” are two examples.

3.      Keep the conversation light. Don’t get into deep conversations that may bring up differences or cause the conversation to get too serious. Focus on fun topics.

4.      Women should play with their hair or jewelry. This simple signal will subconsciously let the guy know that you are interested.

5.      Maintain eye contact. The more eye contact you make with the person the more interested you come across.

6.      Lean in as you talk. Simply leaning closer to the person will give a strong signal that you are interested.

7.      Lightly touch their arm. Some harmless physical contact, such as a light touch on the arm will let the person know that you are very interested.

8.      Give them a brief hug or kiss on the cheek when leaving. This physical contact and intimate gesture will definitely let the person know you are looking forward to seeing them again.


Remember to have fun when you are flirting and to not take things too seriously. Smile, lean in and make lots of eye contact to become the flirting master.


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