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Blondes or brunettes: Which do you prefer?

Posted by MachosMag in Images, Tips June 21, 2011 / 10011 views

Tags: women, style, funny, lifestyle

Do you prefer a specific type of hair color when it comes to the ladies, or does it not matter to you? Will a full head of blonde hair be the deciding factor of whether you want to pursue a woman, or does her hair color have little bearing in your decision process? Everyone has their own personal preference between blondes and brunettes, but where did this preference come from? Even though the saying goes, “Gentlemen prefer blondes” I think many brunette lovers would take exception to that statement.


Blondes have the stereotype of being ditzy or just being for show, while brunettes are generally considered to be more professional or serious. However, considering that these are stereotypes, neither of them holds much water. In today’s world, many non-white women die their hair blonde, including those with brunette or even black hair. However, many of these fake blondes are not fooling anyone, except for many gullible guys.


There is no inherent difference between blondes and brunettes, and even though you may prefer blondes or vice versa, once a beautiful woman walks by I doubt you will care what color her hair is.


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